tuingle Buzz Teasers Animation

tuingle is a modern start-up app that focuses on health & nutrition, it is only natural that they would like to create buzzers & teasers to promote the app’s awareness to the audience. We provide our service in the customized animation division to create strategic adhoc campaigns according to the client’s profile and objectives. These deliverables are seeded out throughout all the client’s social media and PR platforms.

Chandon Digital Invitation

Chandon sparkling wine from the juggernaut luxury group LVMH wanted a simple digital teaser campaign to invite their consumers to the launching of their limited edition bottle in Bali. We came in to deliver a fun and playful digital campaign that is eye-catching and appeals to the audience,  while also strongly infusing the brand’s DNA within.

Customized Animation

We cater to our clients’ needs to create customized animations from various design angles and elements that will fit the brands’ DNA. Whether it’s a classic and elegant tone, fun and playful, funky and quirky, we are always thrilled to provide you with the creation of animations.

Moet Hennessy Pop Up Store E-Invitation

Always an exciting project when it comes to the global luxury house of wines & spirits. We were given the opportunity to work for their annual pop-up store invites animation according to each year’s themes. Every year has its own concept and we provide our animation creativity to always come up with fresh outputs for the clients’ animations.

Pop-Up Characters

We specialize in pop-ups and teasers within contents such as this case study project we did for tuingle app. As the era is changing, so is the game to continuously capture audience’s attention. The eye is in the detail, and these animations are part of what we are able to provide to our clients. Any characters – from the fun, playful all the way to class and luxury, let us know what you need help with and we will create fresh innovations for you.

Full Campaign Content

Short or long campaign animations, we will customize for the brands as inquired. This project was for tuingle app, the modern nutrition tracker tech that would like to send a full on campaign to the public on what they are all about in a playful way. We successfully created a showreel to best share the app’s features and specialties, while not forgetting their DNA.