Must Be Moët 

Our most recent project was creating an invitation for the world renown Champagne icon, Moët & Chandon, of which the brand requested to have both digital and physical element within. Inspired by Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, we designed Moët’s version of its own with a scan-able QR code within that links to reveal the location and details of the event along with lucky winners that will be able to collect their bottle during the night of the event.

Digital Menu for Hennessy Paradis Imperial Dinner

Hennessy, the juggernaut of LVMH’s Cognac brand, hosted its first ever Hennessy Paradis Imperial exclusive dinner catered towards high net worth individuals. We were challenged to come up with a simple and easy but unique menu design as the venue is quite dark. To solve the problem and come up with a unique proposition, we designed a digital menu whereby the audience will receive a QR code on their plates and all they have to do is scan and the menu will pop-up on their phone instantly.

This was a good surprise for the audience and refresh the brand’s tone of dinner.

tuingle App

One of our tech expertise is also creating, developing and maintaining apps. tuingle is a nutrition app that helps you find out the calories and macros of what you are consuming in an instant just by simply snapping the food or drink. This technology uses the complexities of AI integration along with UI and UX designs within that caters to the brand. We are thrilled to be able to fully develop this app from zero to life.


In the current digital age, websites are one of the first channel where your audience will seek for information and first impressions. We have the opportunity to also provide our service in developing tuingle’s website to best showcase their product through the platform. Fresh and playful tone of the design, is what we created along with an easy to navigate site that emphasized on what the product is all about.

Online Registration & Payment Platform

We were being given the task to come up with a fully designed platform for Hennessy’s upcoming educational masterclass sessions of which will involve online registration and payment features. Following the Maison’s brand elements, we have set up a full on online experience that is easy to navigate and will take the audience from a-z easily.

Software Development

Software Development is also one of our services that we are able to provide to our clients. Our team is consist of experts in IT and has a standing experience in multiple projects.